Ways to Preserve America’s Dominance in Technology

House of Representatives > Small Business Committee: Don Manzullo (R-IL) today told a national audience that America must preserve and strengthen its manufacturing base if our nation is to continue leading the world in technology and innovation.

Manzullo spoke on a panel promoting the “National Innovation Initiative� in Washington, D.C. Manzullo was joined by Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former Michigan Governor and National Association of Manufacturers President John Engler, Johns Hopkins University President Bill Brody, and Sandia Labs President Paul Robinson.

“Our corporations and our government must start thinking long term and dedicate themselves to an ‘ecosystem of innovation’ which encourages research and development in our manufacturing sector,� Manzullo said. “It’s the only way we are going to encourage our young people to seek out the fields of innovation and preserve our world dominance in technology.�

The National Innovation Initiative, a distinguished blue ribbon committee, was formed to issue a Call to Action to stem the growing erosion of innovation in America. The committee consists of many noted academics, government thought leaders and industry executives, including Sam Palmisano, CEO of IBM, Duane Ackerman, CEO of BellSouth, and Pat Russo, CEO of Lucent Technologies.

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