We Want Our Money Back!

Yo Yo Yo, give us our dough
No Mc-D on December 3!

With that message, 2 10 year olds from British Columbia and Alberta have set up a web site to send “W” a message.

Help us send President Bush a message.
Boycott McDonald’s for one day on December 3, 2005.

McDonald’s is the most famous U.S. company in the world. And millions of Canadians buy food at McDonalds every day. If we all boycott McDonalds for one day, it will get people’s attention. It will even get President Bush’s attention.

If we stand up to this bully, we can help to stop this terrible situation. If we work hard, we can convince the U.S. to follow the rules and give us our money back. But whatever happens, we need to ‘stand on guard’ for Canada and stand up to the bully.

I especially like the line on one of their banners – “Friends don’t steal from Friends”

and this picture

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