Work to begin on museum at closed steel mill


Roof work to begin next month at the former Bethlehem Steel plant is the first phase of creating a National Museum of Industrial History at the shut down mill.

The museum’s board of directors announced a one-half (m) million dollar project yesterday (Friday) to rebuild the roof of the 92-year-old building that housed the steelmaker’s electrical repair shop.

The president and chief executive officer of the Smithsonian-affiliated museum, Stephen Donches, says the decision shows a commitment to include the museum in the 879 (m) million dollar Bethlehem Works redevelopment project.

The development is expected to include shops, entertainment, apartments and possibly slot machines at the old plant.

The first phase of the museum construction, repairing the shop’s roof and windows, is expected to take five months.

While that is going on museum officials are hoping to raise money to repair the rest of the exterior.

The final phase would be to renovate the interior and install exhibits.

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