WTO OKs Sanctions against U.S. in Trade Row

Yahoo! News – WTO OKs Sanctions Vs. U.S. in Trade Row: “The European Union and its allies got the go-ahead Tuesday to slap some $150 million in sanctions on U.S. goods in a dispute that could stir trade tensions ahead of the U.S. elections.

The disputed law, named after Democratic Senator Robert Byrd, forces the government to distribute to U.S. companies money raised in anti-dumping duties levied on foreign firms.

[…] those payments, to U.S. ball bearing, steel, candle, pasta, seafood and other companies, amounted to an illegal subsidy.

The spat is one of a series involving the avowedly “free-trade” Bush administration, accused by critics of being reluctant to bow to WTO rules when they go against the United States. “

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